PSPエミュレータPPSSPP 0.7ダウンロード!

6F39XM MFHNQLNQ0NCZR1 300x197 PSPエミュレータPPSSPP 0.7ダウンロード!

PPSSPP公式サイトで、Henrik Rydgar氏がオープンソースのAndroid/Windows向けPSPエミュレータPPSSPP 0.7をリリースしていました。起動するゲームと動作速度が劇的に向上したそうです。


PPSSPP has once again improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to plenty of hard work from everyone involved! Compatibility has gone up dramatically, speed has increased drastically (especially on mobile) and everything is just better. There’s even horizontal tilt control! Some newly playable games are God of War (very slow though, but this will probably be fixed in the near future), Virtua Tennis, Megaman: Maverick Hunter X, Saint Seiya and games like Ace Combat X go in game. Enjoy!

ダウンロード:PPSSPP 0.7


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